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Sie haben Fragen zur Pflege unserer Kleidung , zur Nachhaltigkeit der verwendeten Materialien oder zur Lieferzeit ? Besuchen Sie doch unsere Seite mit den Antworten auf haufig gestellte Fragen oder kontaktieren Sie unseren Kundenservice . Wir liefern in alle Lander der EU und in viele Lander in anderen Teilen der Welt.

The Babywrapper hangs around your neck like an apron and leaves your hands free to wash baby. Then when you are done just pick the baby up and place them on your chest using your free hand to bring the bottom of the babywrapper up to dry baby off. Ive never heard of Babywrappers before and was stunned at what a simple and amazing solution this was to a problem I struggle through everyday with Ava. When it comes to bath-time I generally have to put the change pad on the floor as near to the tub as possible which is not actually close as the best place is all the way down the hall. This usually means running down the hall clutching a soaking wet baby who isnt too happy with all the cold air. Problem solved. Janod is based out of France and pride themselves on their creativity in producing timeless toys that are both sturdy and fun. The Alphabet Train features animals riding along in a lettered car on each piece extends nearly 10 feet long when completed. The pieces themselves are big and thick perfect for little hands to grasp and put in place.


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