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We must respect the countrys local customs and beliefs. The dress code in Qatar is a sensitive topic among locals and expatriates alike. Some Qatari nationals took to the social media to show their support for the campaign. This is something we needed a lot earlier @reflect_respect glad its starting now at least. ppl need to be aware of the countrys customs, remarked Twitter user @justaasim. This is how, we can preserve our religion and nation Till the government adopts the idea of the campaign and issues a similar official law, another user wrote. @Asmaalkhatib wrote: I totally support this and express my respect to everyone who respect our culture and heritage. Qatars Islamic Culture Center previously launched an initiative to educate foreigners on Qatars dress code.

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It has led to strong and very imaginative creations from fashion designers. The pressure from the green campaigners has led some designers to focus on being green and fair trade which has led to some interesting fabrics such as hemp, she mentions. Adding on, Hong Kong-based fashion designer Cho Cheng says, The latest trends driving fabrics in the fashion industry are natural fabrics and heritage fabrics. This is mainly because of the growing concern around environmental issues as this area takes centre stage in global policy and begins to filter into the fashion industry.

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